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My writer’s desk is surrounded by death spikes

My morning glories transformed themselves into barbed wire.

Experiencing the feeling of typing

Letters A through P in an unusual font.

Without a mechanical keyboard, some people’s fingers still like to go through the motions of typing.

Jane Alison: ‘Complex narratives are networks’

Write a narrative that integrates its information so that you are not presenting a simple statement to the reader but rather an information network.

The ‘situation’ is what’s unfolding

Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism; detail from book cover

There is never not a crisis. Sometimes our crises just feel less prominent. A perturbation is a situation in which you have to make a conscious choice to act differently.

The term ‘writer’s grievance’

Abstract image. Light streaks on dark background.

Here is a term coined by Minna Salami describing the weariness or frustration in noticing that other writers—because of their dominant race or gender—can adopt a particular tone that you could never take or can get away with less effort, less serious attention, or… Continue Reading “The term ‘writer’s grievance’”