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Experiencing the feeling of typing

Letters A through P in an unusual font.

Without a mechanical keyboard, some people’s fingers still like to go through the motions of typing.

Jane Alison: ‘Complex narratives are networks’

Write a narrative that integrates its information so that you are not presenting a simple statement to the reader but rather an information network.

The ‘situation’ is what’s unfolding

Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism; detail from book cover

There is never not a crisis. Sometimes our crises just feel less prominent. A perturbation is a situation in which you have to make a conscious choice to act differently.

The term ‘writer’s grievance’

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Here is a term coined by Minna Salami describing the weariness or frustration in noticing that other writers—because of their dominant race or gender—can adopt a particular tone that you could never take or can get away with less effort, less serious attention, or… Continue Reading “The term ‘writer’s grievance’”

How introductions improve nonfiction books

Authors sometimes say things that are dreadfully obvious, and they sometimes juxtapose problems of wildly different severities and psychological impacts. I want the author to remind me: Why are they writing this book?