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Air rights to my ideas

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Did you know that I have air rights to my ideas?

The process of finding out where we are going

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It may be easy to think yourself a “good writer” from a young age. You form letters correctly, spell, and punctuate. You write a poem that pleases yourself and a couple friends. Your teacher pats you on the back. You compose a short essay… Continue Reading “The process of finding out where we are going”

Can fiction writers benefit from falsificationism?

In “The Falsification Mindset: How to Change Your Own Mind,” Mike Sturm explains why a belief system or theory should state “what specific evidence would prove it wrong.” For one thing, as proposed by Karl Popper, the theory isn’t scientific unless you do this. It’s… Continue Reading “Can fiction writers benefit from falsificationism?”

Launch team opens! Learn how you can get a free copy of ‘Painting Dragons’

Why does the “evil eunuch” stereotype exist? How does it play out in novels? Writers: How might you change the game in your novel? Painting Dragons: What Storytellers Need to Know About Writing Eunuch Villains is coming in Fall 2018! This book examines how castrated men have… Continue Reading “Launch team opens! Learn how you can get a free copy of ‘Painting Dragons’”

My favorite books

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From my reading list over the past fifteen years, here’s some the books I’ve most enjoyed. A touch of magic: Sabine Baring-Gould’s The Book of Were-Wolves; Carol K. Mack’s A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits; Kate DiCamillo’s The… Continue Reading “My favorite books”