PokerfacePokerface (published June 2018) is 99 cents for Amazon Kindle only.

Jack, a private eye in New York City in 1940, searches for a missing ruby after he is hired by a Brooklyn man who dabbles in ancient Egyptian magic. It might take multiple detectives to solve this one. A short story with a touch of the supernatural. In June 2018, 326 people entered the giveaway for a free copy! Thanks so much for your interest!

Thoughts and Prayers CorporationThoughts and Prayers Corporation (published February 2018) is 99 cents for Amazon Kindle only.

Even on good days, but especially when things go wrong, everyone wants to offer goodwill but no one wants to do anything. That’s why we’re introducing new products: mass-produced Thoughts and Prayers. They’re exactly what people want to have on hand for emergencies. In this pamphlet, we share answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. (Hey, and this book has a Facebook page!)

No Bars and a Dead BatteryNo Bars and a Dead Battery – Owl Canyon Press, September 28, 2018
My story, “Team 158,” is included in this anthology of 26 stories chosen from nearly a thousand entries to the 2018 Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon challenge, “a mix of both seasoned and emerging writers whose astonishing and entertaining works span the wide ranging landscape of emotions from happiness to grief.”

The Great Trans-Universal Bike Ride (expected 2021). My story, “Lucy Doesn’t Get Angry,” will be included in this forthcoming anthology.

* “A Dialogue of Haunts” – Issue 1, June 28, 2019

Burning House
* My fictional letter, “Stockbroker, Get Me Money” – March 19, 2019

Paragraph Planet
* Anti-Quickie – February 25, 2018

Heroic Mirror: On Writing – September 12, 2018

GlossolaliaSpring 2009, Vol. 1:3
* The Writer’s Labyrinth
* Out of Pebbles

Giles Hobbs’s Flash Fiction Page
* Letting Go – 2009 [offline as of 2019]

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