These print poetry books are available online exclusively from Lulu.

Hymn to Things Hymn to Things (April 2018)
A handwritten, poetic exploration of the idiomatic use of the word “thing.”
Brujulabeja Brújulabeja: The Poem of Compass Bee (February 2018)
“Brújulabeja: The Poem of Compass Bee” is about moving through the competing forces underlying identity and change. The book includes color illustrations by the author.
Wild Mushrooms Wild Mushrooms: Poems of Change (January 2014)
This collection of 21 related poems unfolds a complex perspective about dealing with life change. Using simple language, the poems reflect on the uncertainty and fragility of life.

Poems online

#GayWeddingCake – June 5, 2018 – Twitter
Hope Manifesto – December 4, 2017 – Facebook


* “Hamlet’s Solilwocky,” published April 2017

Jewish Boston

* Why do you do what you do? Oct. 10, 2016

* Confession (poem and papercut art) Sept. 8, 2015

* Kerry’s speech: It Can Be a Time of Peace June 5, 2013

Flutter (went offline)

* “Conimicut Point, Warwick, Rhode Island,” Aug/Sept 2008

Why Are We In Iraq?

* How Baghdad Falls Sept 2007

Snakeskin Poetry Webzine

* Allow That Your Horses Issue #97, December 2003

Ariga (went offline)

* 1453, 2003 – November 2003

* September Tenth – Bereshit, Twice – After Love – March 2005

Note: September Tenth (written September 2001) and After Love (written February 2005) were subsequently posted to Beyond Prose (a project of Helium Network), which went offline in 2014.

The Courtship of Winds

* Dogon Standing Man Winter 2002

Posted to Beyond Prose (went offline)

Sonnet: Regarding Boyfriends August 2010

Sonnet: We Ought: A Wind Energy Sonnet October 2002

Sonnet: I Mean to Share my Dreams June 1, 2011

Villanelle: The Date (A Really Killing Villanelle) September 2013

Villanelle: Anxiety dreams: Forgetting where my apartment is February 2014

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A Gobbling Miracle Happened There Thanksgivukkah 2013