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How to “loan” a Kindle book

Two women browsing books on "Australian History" and "Ships" in the library stacks in the 1940s.

Some Kindle books can be shared with another person’s Amazon account. Here’s how to do it.

Time to update the tagline!


In 2016, I was straddling a variety of activities. I needed a provisional, transitional tagline. Since then, more than three years have passed. My new tagline is…

‘Painting Dragons’ on 99-cent Kindle promo!

EBook promo.

Nifty non-fic about novels with eunuch villains…free for Kindle! (limited time)

For a few days only, Painting Dragons is a free download for Kindle! Now through Monday 27 May 2019 (through midnight Pacific). If you haven’t heard of this book, learn more, or just go ahead and download it — you’ve got nothing to lose!

A ‘retcon’ overwrites the past; a ‘procon’ overwrites the future

Power Corrupts: Election Rigging. Launches May 2, 2019.

“Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short,” to use Wikipedia’s definition, “is a literary device in which established facts in a fictional work are adjusted, ignored, or contradicted by a subsequently published work which breaks continuity with the former.” If the hero’s sidekick dies in…