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Not whether it can be reversed, but how it will resolve

Abstract art. Looks like a night sky full of stars with unreadable text in the background.

Everything changes. It is not a question of whether something can be ‘reversed’ but how it will resolve itself.

Experiencing the feeling of typing

Letters A through P in an unusual font.

Without a mechanical keyboard, some people’s fingers still like to go through the motions of typing.

Poems read April-June 2020

Abstract digital art made from a photograph of a rainy sidewalk.

These poems made their way across my Twitter feed between April and June 2020.

How to “loan” a Kindle book

Two women browsing books on "Australian History" and "Ships" in the library stacks in the 1940s.

Some Kindle books can be shared with another person’s Amazon account. Here’s how to do it.

Time to update the tagline!


In 2016, I was straddling a variety of activities. I needed a provisional, transitional tagline. Since then, more than three years have passed. My new tagline is…