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The term ‘writer’s grievance’

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Here is a term coined by Minna Salami describing the weariness or frustration in noticing that other writers—because of their dominant race or gender—can adopt a particular tone that you could never take or can get away with less effort, less serious attention, or… Continue Reading “The term ‘writer’s grievance’”

How introductions improve nonfiction books

Authors sometimes say things that are dreadfully obvious, and they sometimes juxtapose problems of wildly different severities and psychological impacts. I want the author to remind me: Why are they writing this book?

Why is ‘Ten Past Noon’ 480 pages?

Why didn’t I write a book that was half the length?

EBook giveaway: ‘Ten Past Noon’

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TEN PAST NOON is about suicide, free will, and fortieth birthdays. If you like long, elaborate, experimental nonfiction, this is for you. Goodreads will randomly select the winners.

Unnamed feelings

For writers and artists, feelings play a big role in what motivates us to create, and they are also important for the characters we create. Many feelings are hard to spot and to name. Exploring them can yield rewards. “Odd Emotions,” an article by… Continue Reading “Unnamed feelings”