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A couple hours of exercise music (a half-marathon playlist)

Need a half-marathon playlist? Here’s a couple hours of music to get you there. Organized by beats per minute (bpm) from slowest to fastest so you can gradually speed up. Exercise relieves stress, clears the head, and can make opportunities for creative breakthroughs. 70…

Spotlight: ‘Elegy for Mom,’ a caregiver’s memoir of empathy and growth

While Vicki Kaufmann’s mother suffered from mixed dementia, Kaufmann learned about the challenges of caregiving. She knows that caregivers want to research medical facts and also to let themselves feel empathy for the person who is sick. In this memoir, she aims to provide…

‘Painting Dragons’ is born

Painting Dragons book cover image

After decades of research, the book was ready. I put myself into the book, and I accepted the help of editors, an artist, and a coach, without whose assistance I could not have finished this project. Painting Dragons: What Storytellers Need to Know About…

I Want to Reply, But I Don’t Want to Squabble: On Avoiding Online Fights

I see what you said, and it is unacceptable. It threatens my worldview. It breaks apart the extended community as if we are rope unspun into threads, twisted between careless fingers, returned to bits of dry grass. I might have to make a comment….