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On the infinite expansion of reading lists

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The not-yet-read book list represents abundance.

Jane Alison: ‘Complex narratives are networks’

Write a narrative that integrates its information so that you are not presenting a simple statement to the reader but rather an information network.

The ‘situation’ is what’s unfolding

Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism; detail from book cover

There is never not a crisis. Sometimes our crises just feel less prominent. A perturbation is a situation in which you have to make a conscious choice to act differently.

Unnamed feelings

For writers and artists, feelings play a big role in what motivates us to create, and they are also important for the characters we create. Many feelings are hard to spot and to name. Exploring them can yield rewards. “Odd Emotions,” an article by… Continue Reading “Unnamed feelings”

‘Double vision’ in ‘Make Your Home Among Strangers’

In her novel Make Your Home Among Strangers, Jennine CapĆ³ Crucet presents a young woman protagonist who is developing a sense of self. She perceives herself as relatively accomplished, as, while teen pregnancies seem to be the norm in her family and high school… Continue Reading “‘Double vision’ in ‘Make Your Home Among Strangers’”