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Virtual Poetry Readings, March 2020

If you’d like to listen to poets reading, there’s a number of series available online.

Air rights to my ideas

Star Market over the Massachusetts Turnpike

Did you know that I have air rights to my ideas?

The process of finding out where we are going

Reflective puddle behind a bicycle wheel

It may be easy to think yourself a “good writer” from a young age. You form letters correctly, spell, and punctuate. You write a poem that pleases yourself and a couple friends. Your teacher pats you on the back. You compose a short essay… Continue Reading “The process of finding out where we are going”

Unnamed feelings

For writers and artists, feelings play a big role in what motivates us to create, and they are also important for the characters we create. Many feelings are hard to spot and to name. Exploring them can yield rewards. “Odd Emotions,” an article by… Continue Reading “Unnamed feelings”

What you write

What you need to write for yourself. What you ought to write for others. What you enjoy writing. What you enjoy having written. What they tell you they want you to write. What they secretly want you to write. What they don’t know they… Continue Reading “What you write”