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My writer’s desk is surrounded by death spikes

My morning glories transformed themselves into barbed wire.

Telling your story through music

If you’ve written something—fiction, nonfiction, poetry—involving a significant experience with music, or if you’ve made visual art about music, tell me about it in the comments!

The term ‘writer’s grievance’

Abstract image. Light streaks on dark background.

Here is a term coined by Minna Salami describing the weariness or frustration in noticing that other writers—because of their dominant race or gender—can adopt a particular tone that you could never take or can get away with less effort, less serious attention, or… Continue Reading “The term ‘writer’s grievance’”

Who’s going to write your book?

abstract art

Why should people feel motivated to save money, give up dessert, tell the truth…if the benefits will go to their future selves that they can’t yet recognize as ‘themselves’ in their imaginations today?

On failure in writing

Inspirational statements on failure.