Here’s the plan!

Where I’ve been

I worked for 11 years for a technology company in the United States. I also trained to be a life coach.


In 2017, I married a Colombian man and moved to Bogotá to be with him. Since then, I’ve pursued my creative interests as a writer in English—essays and nonfiction books, fiction, and poetry.

During this intentional period of self-development, I’ve had the great opportunity to read my short story by invitation at Inkberry Books in Colorado in 2018; to advocate for human rights in Massachusetts before the 2018 mid-term elections; to travel to Reykjavík, Iceland to represent Colombia at the 2019 Humanists International conference; and (as planned for the end of 2019) to spend a month journeying through India by train.

I love exchanging energy with other writers. I’m available to help individuals with their creative projects! Editing | Coaching | Contact

What’s next

Through early 2020, I have commitments to international travel, after which I will be available for full-time employment.